1/6 Protester Seeks Asylum In Belarus Where Media Compares Him to Victims of BLM

A January 6th demonstrator who is facing a total of six charges for taking part in the Capitol Hill protest against election fraud is now seeking asylum in the Eastern European nation of Belarus, where he appears to be being welcomed with open arms after his own government turned against him.

Evan Neumann, a 48-year-old father of two from California, sold his Bay Area home for over $1 million and fled the country he loves after the FBI threw the book at him for his part in the January 6th demonstrations. Now, he’s been added to the highly politicized agency’s “Most Wanted List.”

Among the six charges Neumann faces in the United States is a count of assaulting a police officer during the demonstration, an act he says he would never commit.

After flying out of the United States under the guise of a business trip, Neumann reports that he flew to the European Union, to Switzerland, and eventually east to Ukraine, where he settled down and lived for fourth months, before fleeing that nation for Belarus.

In Ukraine, Neumann says he was frequently followed by agents from the SBU, Ukraine’s federal security agency which boasts incredibly broad powers and deep ties to the American authorities, especially under the Biden Regime with its built-in Ukrainian business and government ties via the president’s son Hunter.

Neumann decided he needed to get out of Ukraine, and to neighboring Belarus, a nation often maligned by Western media for its extremely close ties to Russia, its embrace of tradition, and refusal to transition to a liberal democracy.

To get there, Neumann says he traversed swamps and dense forests, dodging snakes and wild hogs on his way to the border, before making contact with Belarusian authorities on August 15th.

Belarus has no extradition treaty with the United States, leading Neumann to reportedly seek asylum there.

In an interview segment with Belarusian state TV titled “Goodbye America,” Neumann described his heart wrenching experiences leading up to his arrival in Belarus. The media portrayed him sympathetically, and seemed dumbfounded that federal authorities pursued Neumann and other demonstrators to such great extents while largely ignoring the massively costly and fatal Black Lives Matter demonstrations of 2020.

Neumann is “the same type of simple American whose shops were burned by Black Lives Matter activists,” stated Belarusian media.

“I do not believe that I have committed any crime,” Neumann said during the interview. “One of the charges is very offensive,” he continued, before explaining that “it is alleged that I hit a police officer. There is no reason for this,” said Neumann.

“This is terrible,” he said. “This is a political persecution. And this is a level with which I cannot do anything,” he said of the entire weight of the United States government bearing down on him.

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