Hundreds of Patriots came out on Sunday to participate in the Destin, Florida MAGA Flotilla.

A group of Florida patriots planned the event hoping to shatter the world record for the largest flotilla ever recorded.

The flotilla will begin on Sunday morning, September 5th.

There was a $22 charge per vessel, to cover the results being audited by a professional auditor and electronic counters for each vessel.  The website set up for the event is

The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft attended the rally this morning to offer his auditing services.

The War Room with Steve Bannon was also assisting with the event.  Joe and his family took part in the flotilla and worked to certify the final flotilla numbers. 

It was a beautiful day for a Trump MAGA Flotilla.

Here’s video from Destin.

Over 200 boats participated in the MAGA Flotilla this morning in Destin.

This is during an off-election year!

The excitement for President Trump has NEVER died down.

Additional race information can be found at


Organizer Ann Ziegenhorn who was on with Steve Bannon and the War Room.

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