The New York State landlord association has asked federal court to put on hold the state’s eviction moratorium extension, saying it violates their property, due process, and First Amendment rights. The Supreme Court already stopped the previous moratorium, but the state legislature tweaked the policy and passed it again. The association says the policy is still fundamentally the same and thus violates their rights. The new eviction ban was passed by the legislature on Sept. 2 and would remain in effect until Jan. 15. More than 700,000 households in New York owe an estimated $2.2 billion in rent collectively, according to the National Equity Atlas. Most eviction cases have been paused in housing courts since the start of the pandemic, March 2020, when the state’s moratorium was first put in place. It had been extended twice prior to the latest extension. Landlords, especially the smaller ones, have complained that the ban is …


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