Bad news just keeps coming for President Joe Biden and his Democratic allies in the Senate and the House of Representatives as they face what could be a November 2022 electoral disaster. Democrats currently control Congress, but just barely, with a 221–213 edge in the House and a 50–50 tie in the Senate that can only be broken by Vice President Kamala Harris. Recent history shows the party in power in the White House typically loses seats in the first mid-term congressional election. President Donald Trump’s Republicans, for example, lost 40 House seats in 2018, while President Barack Obama’s Democrats lost 63 in 2010. The really bad news isn’t simply Biden’s plunging public approval ratings—39 percent positive in the latest YouGov/Economist poll—in the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle. It’s that his signature domestic program, the $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” spending program, is proving to be toxic among voters …


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