Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett defended the top U.S. court over the weekend, saying that the nine justices are not politically motivated. “My goal today is to convince you that this court is not comprised of a bunch of partisan hacks,” Barrett said during her remarks to a crowd at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville. “Judicial philosophies are not the same as political parties.” Barrett, a Catholic who taught law at Notre Dame University, was introduced by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) at the event, according to the Courier-Journal. Justices on the Supreme Court, she argued, are often portrayed as being partisan, which she described as an unfair characterization. “The media, along with hot takes on Twitter, report the results and decisions. … That makes the decision seem results-oriented,” Barrett said. “It leaves the reader to judge whether the court was right or wrong, based on whether she …


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