A trade group that represents the U.S. packaged goods industry said that businesses have a number of key questions following President Joe Biden’s announced COVID-19 vaccine mandates and need answers immediately. The Consumer Brands Association, whose members include companies such as Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Kellogg’s, issued a letter to the Biden administration asking for immediate details about the president’s plan, which will require companies with 100 or more employees to impose weekly testing or require employers to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Since Biden’s announcement on Sept. 9, few details about the mandate have been released by the White House. Biden’s speech to the American public also did not contain much information about how it would be enforced or a timetable. “Federal agencies must move quickly, anticipate challenges, promptly answer questions, and partner with the private sector if we are to realize successful implementation of the administration’s COVID-19 action plan and …https://www.theepochtimes.com/c-us-politics


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