ALMA, Mich.—The city commission of Alma, Michigan, voted on Sept. 14 to approve a conditional rezoning request by Masonic Pathways to allow a former nursing home to be converted into a shelter for unaccompanied illegal alien teenage boys. The 4-2 vote to approve the facility overrode an Aug. 4 recommendation by the city’s planning commission to reject the proposal. The city commissioners’ actions might end up costing them their jobs. Alma resident Chuck Murphy, who also is the chairman of the Gratiot County Republican Party, told The Epoch Times that recall petitions against commissioners who backed the resettlement center were filed with the Gratiot County clerk’s office early on Sept. 15.  Alma Mayor Greg Mapes also will be subject to the recall, even though he recused himself from voting, because of the “appearance of a conflict of interest” due to his decades-long affiliation with the Masonic Order. Mapes is a …


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