WASHINGTON—Republican U.S. senators led by Marco Rubio on Thursday called on the Biden administration to blacklist Honor, a former unit of embattled Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, describing the firm as a threat to national security. In a letter dated Thursday, seen by Reuters, Rubio described Honor as essentially an “arm” of the Chinese government with newly unfettered access to the same prized U.S. technology currently denied to Huawei. The letter adds to a growing chorus of China hawks calling for the blacklisting. By spinning off the Chinese telecom giant’s budget smartphone brand in November 2020, “Beijing has effectively dodged a critical American export control,” Rubio wrote in the letter also signed by Senators John Cornyn and Rick Scott. “By failing to act in response, the Department of Commerce risks setting a dangerous precedent and communicating to adversaries that we lack the capacity or willpower to punish blatant financial engineering by …https://www.theepochtimes.com/c-us-politics


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