WASHINGTON—Republican Senator Tom Cotton is holding up a vote to confirm Alan Estevez as the U.S. Commerce Department’s undersecretary for industry and security until he gets answers to difficult questions about technology exports to China. In a letter dated Oct. 14 and seen by Reuters, Cotton asks Estevez to commit to strengthening U.S. restrictions on exporting semiconductor software and technology to China and to accelerating the roll-out of new rules to tighten export controls for advanced technologies. The letter, also signed by Republican senator Bill Hagerty, asks Estevez to consider extending a Trump administration rule, that currently only applies to Huawei, to include blacklisted Chinese firms with links to the military or human rights violations. That rule further restricted access of the Chinese telecom giant to advanced semiconductor chips. The job at the Commerce Department oversees exports to all countries; but decisions over cutting-edge technology exports to China have given …https://www.theepochtimes.com/c-us-politics


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