The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said on Oct. 13 that four in ten workers of its workforce remain unvaccinated as the Nov. 22 deadline looms. “About 60 percent of our workforce has been vaccinated,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske told CNN in an interview. “That number needs to go quite a bit higher over the next few weeks,” added Pekoske. “We are building contingency plans, for if we do have some staffing shortages as a result of this, but I hope to avoid that.” Pekoske has reportedly been holding town hall meetings with the goal of increasing vaccination rates within the workforce. As of May 2021, the TSA employed more than 50,000 transportation security officers. In September, the Biden administration signed an executive order mandating that Federal Executive Branch employees be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22. To meet the deadline, federal employees must receive the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine by …


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