Conservative radio host Dan Bongino threatened his employer Cumulus Media with an on-air ultimatum Monday, announcing on his program regarding their coronavirus vaccine mandate that “you can’t have both of us.” The former New York police officer and Secret Service agent’s message pushed back on the media group’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate requirement. “You can have me or you can have the [vaccine] mandate. But you can’t have both of us,” Bongino said during his nationwide radio program. “I’m not letting this go,” Bongino publicly declared in another post. “I’m not even considering letting it go. I’m announcing it publicly so you know I’m not letting it go,” he added. A third post noted that Bongino is personally vaccinated, but resists the vaccine mandate requirement “for other employees who don’t have a platform to fight back as they risk unemployment if they don’t comply.” Cumulus Media announced a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees …


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