SAN DIEGO—The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 in favor of developing an ordinance on so-called “ghost guns” countywide, including banning possession or distribution of non-serial-numbered parts used to build them on Oct. 19. Supervisors also directed Helen Robbins-Meyer, the county’s chief administrative officer, to return within 90 days with a draft ordinance that would also prohibit the 3D printing of unserialized firearms or precursor parts, and establish safe storage requirements for county gun owners. Over the next 120 days, county staff will also work with community leaders to create preventive gun violence “reduction and disruption” programs. Ghost guns, also known as “do-it-yourself guns,” are homemade, personally manufactured firearms that do not have commercial serial numbers. They are untraceable due to the lack of identifying markings and therefore can evade state and federal regulations that apply to firearms, such as background checks. Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher and Supervisor …


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