The best way to fight against the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate is to stand together holding the line, a senior pilot told NTD. “So the best way to push back—we’re pushing back against the federal mandate here—is for us to stand together,” Jason Kunisch, who has been a commercial airline pilot for over 20 years, said in an interview with NTD. The senior pilot is now part of U.S. Freedom Flyers—a grassroots coalition of transportation industry employees fighting back against the federal vaccine mandate. The coalition has partnered with the Health Freedom Defense Fund and Davillier Law Group to take legal action. “U.S. Freedom Flyers are not pro-vaccine. We’re not anti-vaccine. We’re pro-informed consent,” Kunisch said. “If you can stand together, a lot of times they can’t replace you,” Kunisch continued. “That’s where your strength comes in.” Kunisch explained that airlines can’t replace a mechanic, a pilot, a flight attendant, …


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