The Idaho state house passed a bill on Nov. 16 to compensate workers who fall ill from receiving the vaccine under employer-enforced mandates. The bill stated that employees who experience vaccine-induced injuries or accidents should be compensated if receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as a “condition of hiring or continued employment.” In the event where an employee suffers an “accident or injury” that “may be related” to the vaccine, provided that they received the vaccine under employer-enforced mandates, the bill will require employees to be compensated. The bill tips the scales in favor of employees in cases of vaccine-induced illnesses where employers may struggle to disprove that the illness is not the result of vaccinations. House Bill 417 (pdf) passed the House on a 67–3 vote and will be sent to the Senate on Nov. 23. Those in favor of the bill said that workers are getting sick post-vaccination and some are …


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