Protests erupted in several U.S. cities on Nov. 19 after a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges in connection with the shooting of three individuals during last year’s unrest in Kenosha. People took to the streets in Chicago, New York City, Oakland, Portland, and other cities, to voice their dissatisfaction with the verdict. Video posted on social media showed a large crowd marching in Brooklyn, chanting “Say his name: George Floyd,” in reference to the police-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year. Police declared a riot in Portland after a group of protesters damaged property and threw objects at police. Several dozen protesters assembled at Federal Plaza in Chicago, holding signs reading “Reject Racist Vigilante Terror” and “Kyle Will Kill Again!” Footage shared on social media showed the group marching along a Chicago street, chanting, “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! And …


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