News Analysis The stickers are a smash hit. At the top: President Joe Biden, pointing with double finger guns or, in one of several other versions, a single outstretched finger. Underneath him, in bold black text: “I Did That!” or a variation thereof. Slapped on a gas pump next to the digital meter display, the stickers tell a simple, powerful story: Today’s gasoline prices, the highest in years, are courtesy of the commander in chief. Biden, this story goes, has pursued an agenda that undermines U.S. oil and gas production and energy independence, while raising the costs of gasoline and other energy sources: halting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, pausing oil and gas leasing on public land and water, and suspending oil and gas leases on Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, among other moves. His administration’s $2 trillion spending bill, which was approved in the House on Nov. 19, would, the …


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