The Supreme Court is leaving in place a lower court ruling that allows New Jersey to unilaterally withdraw from a powerful bistate commission that was created to monitor corruption at the storied Port of New York and New Jersey. The case is Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor v. Murphy, court file 20-772. The port’s reckoning with organized crime was immortalized in director Elia Kazan’s 1954 film, “On the Waterfront,” which won eight Academy Awards. But organized crime was driven out years ago and critics have long blamed the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor for over-regulating businesses involved in the port and for labor shortages. The Waterfront Commission is “a somewhat unique [interstate] compact agency,” according to the Yale Journal on Regulation. While most compact agencies “merely exercise the contracting states’ proprietary powers to construct or maintain facilities or allocate resources or responsibilities between or among states,” the Waterfront Commission is “a …


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