President Joe Biden met with CEOs of major U.S. retailers in a Cyber Monday roundtable to discuss the supply chain crisis amid rising prices and growing concern that products may not be available during the holiday season. “The business leaders gathered here today represent a broad swath of American shopping,” Biden said in his opening statement. “I want to hear from each of you about what you’re seeing this holiday season, how well prepared are you to have products you need on your shelves, and how you’ve innovated and hired to overcome these supply chain challenges you have.” Attendees at the meeting included chief executives of Best Buy, Samsung, Todos Supermarket, Food Lion, Mattel, CVS Health, Walmart, Kroger, Qurate Retail Group, and Etsy. The president remarked that estimates show sales figures from Black Friday and Small Business Saturday were considerably higher than last year, and inquired how the federal government …


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