WASHINGTON—The judge overseeing Michael Sussmann’s trial on May 19 denied a request from prosecutors with special counsel John Durham’s team to remove a juror who revealed having ties to Sussmann.
Juror #5 told U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper, an Obama appointee, that her daughter and Sussmann’s daughter are on the same crew team.
The woman said she did not know of this until her daughter mentioned it to her on Wednesday evening. Once she knew, she reported the fact to court officials.
Jurors filled out a questionnaire that included the question: “The defendant in this case is Michael A. Sussmann, age 57, who is a resident of Washington, D.C. Do you, any member of your family or close personal friends know, or have any connection with, Mr. Sussmann or any of his family members?”…https://www.theepochtimes.com/c-us-politics


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