The Republican contest over Mississippi’s fourth district is heating up, with incumbent Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) hoping to improve on his performance in the June 7 primary against Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell in a June 28 runoff election.
That election will come days after a pivotal debate between the two scheduled for June 24 at 7 PM CST.
First elected in 2011, Palazzo received 25.1 percent of the vote in the June 7 primary, below Ezell’s 31.6 percent.
All the other GOP candidates in that primary subsequently endorsed Ezell, as reported by Mississippi Today and other outlets.
In a June 21 interview with The Epoch Times, Ezell argued that Palazzo’s inaccessibility to locals helps account for that broad support for a change in leadership—Palazzo’s opponents have taken to calling him “no-show Palazzo.”…


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