U.S. stocks of baby formula are still at their lowest levels despite efforts by the Biden administration to fly shipments into the United States from other countries.
At the start of July the powdered milk product for infants hit their lowest ever levels this year, before improving only slightly the following week.
Citing data from market-research firm IRI, the Wall Street Journal reported that the out-of-stock rate reached as high as 30 percent in the week ending July 3. The following week that rate improved only slightly to 28.3 percent.
This stock level is worse than when the shortage crisis made headlines in May, when the out-of-stock rate was 23.7 percent in the week ending May 22—a decrease from the 40 percent it reached by the end of April, according to Datasembly….https://www.theepochtimes.com/c-us-politics


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