Economists Art Laffer and and Kevin Hassett spoke with fellow Trump administration economic team alum Larry Kudlow on Kudlow’s Fox Business program on July 15, over Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) delaying President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda until August.
The three former Trump economic advisors also believe that the United States is already in a recession and that inflation will not fall below 2 percent until Biden is out of office.
Manchin is currently opposing policies put forward by his party’s leadership at a time when fuel prices have skyrocketed and inflation is at a record-high.
The senator from West Virginia has for a month stalled massive tax hikes and “climate change” subsidies being put forward by the Democrats in Congress, saying he would not support a Senate compromise bill after the package passed in the House, until July’s inflation numbers were released next month on Aug. 10….


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