As Democrats promote legislation to add four justices to the Supreme Court, a bipartisan countereffort is moving to ban court packing permanently.
“We think it could be a really critical issue in the 2022 elections,” Roman Buhler told The Epoch Times.
Buhler, an attorney and longtime political adviser, is executive director of Keep Nine, an organization pushing for lawmakers to amend the Constitution and codify that the U.S. Supreme Court must have nine justices.
Roman Buhler, executive director of the Keep Nine coalition. (Courtesy of Roman Buhler)
Despite numerous admonitions from Democrats regarding the risks of court packing, Buhler said he and his colleagues began hearing chatter on the left about packing the court in early 2019, just after Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would confirm a Trump nominee if a Supreme Court vacancy occurred in 2020….


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