Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is officially refusing to participate in an upcoming debate against Kari Lake, who is also vying to be Arizona’s next governor.
Hobbs’ campaign announced the refusal in a Sept. 2 letter to the Citizens Clean Election Commission, which is hosting the Oct. 12 debate.
The refusal stems from displeasure with how the commission ran primary debates. Hobbs’ campaign pointed to news articles that called the GOP primary debate “pure chaos” and having “near-constant interruptions.”
“For weeks, Arizona was ridiculed as clips of the GOP primary debate circulated on social media. As a candidate and as governor, Sec. Hobbs will never participate in something that will make Arizona the butt of late-night TV jokes and national ridicule. She has too much respect for the people of Arizona,” Nicole DeMont, the Hobbs’ campaign manager, wrote to the commission….


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