The mayor of Memphis, Tennessee, says the 2020 census undercounted his city by almost 16,000 residents, leading him to join other big cities in challenging the results of the once-a-decade head count in the United States.
Mayor Jim Strickland says the census missed 15,895 residents, and that Memphis actually grew for the first time in 50 years between 2010 and 2020. The 2020 census, however, said Memphis had 633,104 residents in 2020, a drop of 13,785 residents from 2010.
The count failed to include an area that had been annexed in 2013, and it missed thousands of homes, mostly in newly constructed, multifamily buildings, resulting in an undercount of 6,322 housing units, Strickland said in an Aug. 19 letter to the U.S. Census Bureau….


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