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Despite polls that show Democrats enjoyed a summer bounce in generic congressional preference surveys, several key indicators presage the Democratic Party suffering considerable losses in November House, Senate, and gubernatorial races in a manner reminiscent of the 1994 Bill Clinton midterms, election experts told The Epoch Times.
In the 1994 tilt, the Democrats lost 54 U.S. House seats to the GOP, culminating in the election of Newt Gingrich to the House Speakership, along with the Republican pick-up of eight U.S. Senate seats and the gain of 10 gubernatorial seats for the GOP.
“Looking at the aggregate number of people who have cast a ballot in each major party primary, we see a clear turnout advantage for the Republicans, compared to the 2018 midterm election, with Republicans up just under 48 percent in primary turnout nationally, while the Democrats are down just over 18 percent,” private pollster Jim Ellis of Ellis Insight told the Epoch Times….


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