‘A Face-Saving Measure’: Colonel Douglas MacGregor Slams Biden’s Latest Ukraine Escalation

Former U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor believes that the war in Ukraine is all but over, adding that the latest gestures from the Biden Administration, including the delivery of a single advanced rocket system, are simply face-saving measures.

Colonel Douglas MacGregor served in the U.S. Army from 1976 through 2004. He fought in the Gulf War, where his unit wiped out 73 Iraqi vehicles within the span of a half hour, all while taking zero casualties. He later published Breaking The Phalanx, which called for radical reforms in the U.S. military. MacGregor’s colleagues believed that his willingness to speak bluntly prevented him from moving up the chain.

He has been a noted critic of the Biden Administration’s objectives in Ukraine — or lack thereof — and has made more than one correct prediction on the war’s outcome.

During a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, MacGregor again criticized the Biden Administration and stated his belief that they have been humiliated.

“What is the objective and how will we know when we have achieved it?” Carlson asked MacGregor.

The Colonel referenced Biden’s recent pledge to deliver an advanced rocket system to the Ukrainian government, a move that could inch NATO closer to a direct conflict with Russia. While MacGregor noted that the equipment is solid, he pointed out that Biden has pledged to send just one launcher.

He also pointed out that the Ukrainian Armed Forces lack the ability to acquire targets, as much of their radar and air assets have been destroyed.

“Given the fact that this is one launcher, not 50, the Russians can probably relax,” MacGregor told Carlson. “It’s hard when you look at something this ridiculous, not to conclude that this is a face-saving measure on the part of the administration that really doesn’t want to admit that this war was lost a long time ago.”

“If anything, this is sort of like handing somebody a life preserver on the beach just as 100 ft waves and a tsunami are about to crash into them,” Colonel MacGregor went on to say. “This is not going to have any impact: it’s not gonna be a game changer.”

Carlson followed up with a question about the Biden Administration’s objectives in Ukraine and when they could possibly be achieved. “What’s the endgame here, what’s the point?” Carlson asked. “When will we know that we’ve achieved the point and we can stop funding the government of Ukraine?”

“To be frank, this administration and the defense department have always been several steps behind in their thinking about everything,” MacGregor said. “I think at this point, they wanna find a way to keep this war going as long as possible.”

“They don’t want to admit that they were wrong, that they’ve run a tremendous disinformation campaign. They don’t want to admit that they’ve brought the world, particularly Africa by the way, to the brink of famine because they’ve stopped the export of wheat,” the Colonel continued.

“They don’t wanna talk about any of the things that really matter, they wanna focus as much attention as possible on anything that promises to harm Russia. And in the final analysis, Russia is going to come out of this looking pretty good. Ukraine on the other hand is destroyed and is effectively a failed state,” MacGregor concluded.

MacGregor’s analysis comes as the Russian army continues to make territorial gains in Eastern Ukraine.

Great Discussion Between Tucker Carlson & Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor On The Current State Of The Russia-Ukraine War & The Biden Administration’s Endgame

Macgregor: “At this point, they want to find a way to keep this war going as long as possible.” pic.twitter.com/NfYJtnnx04

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