Ana Navarro Fails to Correctly Pronounce The Word ‘Coup’

The View hostess Ana Navarro, a globalist propagandist, did not know how to pronounce the word “coup” in one particularly demoralizing segment of her female-oriented network talk show.

“They put the coop in couple,” said Navarro, who evidently believed that the word “coup” is pronounced in that manner. This blunder is especially hilarious because globalists have been accusing Donald Trump supporters of trying to stage a “coup” against the neoliberal regime. Navarro did her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, where she reportedly graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

Clearly, the lack of education in our pundit class is contributing to the decline in our society. If the people who discuss news on television reveal themselves to be ill-informed, why would anyone trust their opinions or their subversive presentation of information? The View is a travesty, and everyone involved with its production should feel ashamed.


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