Animal Rights Organization Decries Fauci’s Beagle Torture As ‘Nothing Short of Criminal’ In Letter, Beg Him To Stop Hurting Dogs

Animal rights non-profit organization the Beagle Freedom Project has drafted a letter calling on Dr. Anthony Fauci to stop funding and supporting the torture of beagles for so-called “scientific” testing purposes. The letter decries Fauci and the NIH’s actions as “nothing short of criminal.”

“I have been inside of animal research laboratories and heard the painful screams of dogs who languish in pain and the silent sounds of those who have no voice because their vocal cords have been cut,” president and founder of the Beagle Freedom Project Shannon Keith said in the letter. “I was told by one technician that they do this so that the screaming does not disturb the laboratory workers while they perform their experiments. They told me that they also do this so that the beagles cannot communicate with one another.”

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The letter went on to list several more of the grotesque and brutal techniques the dogs are subjected to under Fauci’s watch before noting, “But you already know all of this…. We are calling on the YOU and your organization, the National Institute of Health to immediately STOP funding any research that uses animals.”

“My organization has rescued over 3,000 animals from animal testing laboratories since we started in 2010, and I can tell you from personal observation that the psychological trauma is the most overwhelming,” the letter continues. “Bearing witness to what you and your organization does to these animals is nothing short of criminal. It is time to end it, and now the world is watching. If it does not end immediately, Beagle Freedom Project will make sure it becomes criminal and those who perpetrate it will be punished by law.”

The statement concludes, “Dr. Fauci, the evidence is clear: animal testing is outdated, flawed, cruel, unethical and harmful to both animals and humans. We demand that you cease the use of animals in research, end funding to those using animals, and release those animals who are currently in laboratories to Beagle Freedom Project, the leader of rehabilitating and rehoming animals used in research.”

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