Anti-CPS Candidate Karena Feng Takes on Josh Harder In California 9th District Primary This Tuesday

Karena Feng is taking on the corrupt Child Protective Services (CPS) system in California by running for U.S. Congress in the state’s Ninth Congressional District, where she faces off against an establishment opponent named Josh Harder and others on Tuesday June 7. Karena Feng is a major champion of the movement to stop CPS from human trafficking children. The primary is nonpartisan, and Feng could score a major win against the crooked political machine if she defeats Harder.

An insider to the Karena Feng effort told NATIONAL FILE: “Josh Harder is a venture capitalist. In 2019, he was elected to the 10th District Congress on behalf of California. During his term of office, he crossed to the 9th District to participate. During his tenure in the tenth district, he did not make any major contribution to society. He usually likes to defraud the elderly for donations. He also likes to show off. He interferes with government routines, takes advantage of his privileges to help selected people that he likes with trivial things, not for the general community.” 

Karena Feng states: “Hello, I am Karena Feng, and I’m a candidate for the congressional representative of California District 9, this coming 2022 Election. I have been serving, volunteering, and providing my entire life. Whether I see a senior on the street needing help to personally feeding the homeless, I’ve always seen others’ benefits more important than my own. As long as I’m breathing, I’ve always fought for children, families, and justice for all, at every opportunity.”

Karena Feng continues: “From 1994 to 2013, I’ve helped over 200,000 people across California benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine, by assisting the community who’s into TCM and helping others obtain their licensure. We’ve provided free education, paid for licensure fees for the applicants, and provided clinical supplies for Licensed operations; in turn, asking the practitioners to offer low-cost or free services for poor or no-income patients and clienteles; so that Americans who cannot receive timely allopathic care for whatever reason can have access to alternatives.”

Karena Feng said: “In 2018, I came across families whose homes were raided, and no one responds to their plea of family destruction. That’s when I found out about the corrupted steal-your-child industry. There are too many victimized innocent parents and children that were forced to stay silent. I immediately dived to work and wrote the California Initiative 1895 that helped the previous approximate 500,000 children removed dropped to 40,000 in 2021.”

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