Audio: Jarome Bell, John Fredericks Mock Pro-Trans ‘Joke’ Republicans

America First Congressional candidate Jarome Bell joined radio show host John Fredericks in mocking pro-trans Republican Jen Kiggans as a “joke” while exposing her far-left voting record that includes opening girls’ restrooms up to men and supporting polyamorous marriage in Virginia.

Speaking with radio show host John Fredericks about his race for the GOP nomination in Virginia’s 2nd District, Jarome Bell blasted the “woke” record of his pro-trans primary opponent, Jen Kiggans, who has been backed and bankrolled by the GOP establishment. Kiggans currently sits as a Virginia State Senator (R-7) and has played a pivotal role in transforming the state in the image of the far-left LGBT lobby.

“My opponent Jen Kiggans is ‘woke’ Jen Kiggans,” Bell told Fredericks as the show focused on pushing back against the left’s radical woke agenda that has targetted America’s children and their families. While Bell has described himself as a culture warrior who will never give in to the anti-family left, Kiggans frequently borrows terminology from the LGBT lobby in calling herself an “equality candidate” who will vote to advance the LGBT agenda whether in the State Senate or in the US Congress.

Expounding on Jen Kiggans’ so-called “equality” viewpoints, Bell began rattling off some of the alarming pieces of legislation Kiggans has supported in her short Senate career, which began just a couple of years ago. As noted by Jarome Bell, she even supported the Democrats’ Virginia Values Act, helping to force schools to open girls’ restrooms up to men before the serial rape of female students in Loudoun County Public Schools.

“She voted for the Virginia Values Act, she voted to change the definition of marriage…she voted for the polyamorous act just now, the bill SJ-5, voted to make any crime against transgenders a hate crime, I mean, on and on and on, John,” Bell said to Fredericks. “She’s the woke candidate and she’s supposed to be a Republican, supposed to be a conservative,” he continued, expressing disbelief that establishment-backed Republicans like Jen Kiggans can get away with voting against their own base time and time again.

“I’ve been exposing Jen Kiggans’ record ever since this race started – when she jumped in – because I knew all about her voting record,” Bell went on to say in the interview, accusing the local GOP establishment, which has fallen in line behind Kevin McCarthy and is heavily supporting Jen Kiggans, of covering for her far-left voting record. “The RPVB and the people that support Jen Kiggnans, they’ve been trying to keep me quiet, trying to shut me up, because they know that I’ve been exposing her record on this…and I will continue, I’m not going to back down and I’m not going to keep quiet like they want to do,” Bell said.

“She’s a radical leftist Democrat, I don’t want to even call her a conservative or call her a Republican after she voted for this and we cannot have anyone with these values or principles representing the people of the 2nd District,” Jarome Bell went on, still slamming Kiggans for her far-left record. “Because our way of life, our values and the way of life of our children, and our grandchildren are at stake,” Bell said, adding that he will never allow “he and she” to be “canceled” because “that’s how God made us.”

Furthermore, Kiggans was mocked by show host John Fredericks over her lackluster fundraising and deep ties to the GOP establishment. Despite her massive establishment backing, Kiggans has reported raising so little money that some local politicos expected her to drop out of the race before the Kevin McCarthy-affiliated House Leadership Fund came to her aid.

“She’s raised $600,000,” Fredericks said. “That’s a joke. Ok? I’m just going to call her out. That is an absolute joke that you raised $600,000,” he went on, saying that a competent State Senator with the establishment backing of Kiggans should easily be capable of raising $2 million for a run for Congress.

“Hey Senator,” said Fredericks. “Do you have a phone that dials out? You raised $600,000 for two reasons – number 1, you don’t work; or number 2, nobody believes in you! One or the other! That is a joke!” Fredericks said.

“Everyone knows she’s a loser, everyone knows she’s woke, and we cannot have a woke person representing the people and America in Congress because our children’s future is at stake!” Bell said in response to Fredericks, reminding the host that he hasn’t relied on McCarthy-backed programs and PACs to fund his campaign, and is instead being backed by the same grassroots conservatives that sparked the America First movement.

Listen to Jarome Bell’s full remarks with John Fredericks below:

On the #Monday #JFRS Jarome Bell : “Jen Kiggans is a Woke loser Pro-Trans Leftist Masquerading as a Republican” #GodzillaOfTruth

— John Fredericks (@jfradioshow) April 4, 2022

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