Audio: Jen Kiggans Supports Sending Billions in Cash and Weapons to Ukraine, Won’t Answer on Gun Control

GOP establishment candidate Jen Kiggans endorsed sending billions of dollars in weapons and cash to Ukraine and refused to say how she’d vote on gun control and other issues as a member of Congress during a radio interview. Kiggans has been endorsed by Kevin McCarthy and his GOP establishment in her primary race against America First candidate Jarome Bell in Virginia’s 2nd District. When Kiggans’ interview ended, Bell called into the program himself, answering the questions Kiggans wouldn’t and blasting her as a “neocon” and “warmonger.”

Jen Kiggans went on the air with radio host John Fredericks yesterday, just weeks away from the GOP’s primary day in Virginia’s 2nd District. In that race, Kiggans, a current State Senator, faces stiff opposition from grassroots, America First candidate Jarome Bell. According to recent polling data, Bell has the edge, having exposed Kiggans’ left-wing legislative record which includes support for pro-trans and pro-abortion Democrat policies – something she’s been unable to defend on the campaign trail, going as far as to send a surrogate to debate in her place and to flee a GOP picnic before Bell had his turn to give a speech.

Though she has previously gone on The John Fredericks Show and vowed to vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House should she make it to Congress, Kiggans refused to provide Fredericks with answers as to how she would vote on key developing issues in DC – including gun control.

“I’m not saying yes or no,” Kiggans said when asked directly if she would vote for gun control legislation backed by the GOP establishment.

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When the conversation pivoted to Ukraine, Kiggans again tried to dodge admitting how she’d vote but told Fredericks that she’s a major supporter of the Obama-installed Ukrainian government. “I absolutely support Ukraine and what those guys are doing there,” said Kiggans, warming up to the topic so much that she went on to confirm that she would have indeed voted yes on the $40 billion Congress recently sent to Ukraine.

“I would’ve voted for it because we cannot abandon Ukraine,” Kiggans said of the massive pile of taxpayer dollars, also throwing her support behind Joe Biden’s move to send Ukraine a $700 million long-range missile system capable of hitting targets inside of Russia.

“Whatever resources we can use to help the Ukrainians, I support,” Kiggans said, telling Fredericks that “I do know that the risks of not interceding in some way,” and that “above all, we’ve got to restore some peace and some stability over there.”

“We’ve got to maintain their sovereignty as a nation for the Ukrainians,” Kiggans said in rounding out her views on Ukraine, after trying to evade a question on what a “win” in the region would look like.

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Shortly following Kiggans’ interview, Jarome Bell called in to the show, telling Fredericks that “what people heard with Kiggans is just why we cannot have her representing the people of the 2nd District…She’s a RINO, she’s part of the establishment,” Bell went on.

“I’m America First, John, and we need to take care of America First. We are being invaded on our southern border…We need to secure our borders! Our kids can’t even get baby formula,” Bell said, blasting DC politicians for sending American dollars to Ukraine. “It’s not even $40 billion, John. It’s been over $58 billion total.”

“We cannot have that and I would definitely vote no on that,” Bell said, highlighting Ukrainian corruption and blasting Kiggans and the Uni-Party establishment as “neo-cons” and “warmongers” in search of “everlasting war.”

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