Audio: Pro-Kiggans Radio Host Hangs Up On Jarome Bell Days Before VA-2 Primary

Last Updated on June 20, 2022

A pro-Jen Kiggans radio host hung up on America First Congressional candidate Jarome Bell just days ahead of the GOP Primary in Virginia’s battleground 2nd District and just as Bell began addressing Kiggans’ far-left voting record and her recent statement that she is “open for debate” on Joe Biden’s gun control agenda.

Jarome Bell joined The Kerry and Mike Show on the WNIS radio station days ahead of Tuesday’s 2nd District GOP primary vote. From the moment the interview began, Dougherty sounded as if she was playing the part of a Kiggans campaign surrogate, demanding that Bell “denounce” a series of fliers sent around the district calling attention to Kiggans’ State Senate voting record, which includes support for the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, as well as opening girls’ restrooms up to men, positions that have haunted her GOP campaign.

Recently, Kiggans drew further ire from grassroots conservatives, when she refused to oppose Joe Biden’s gun control agenda, even saying that she’s “open for debate” on the issue.

In open primary states nationwide, where registered voters can participate in the nomination process regardless of their own partisan affiliation, Democrats have begun meddling in GOP primary races. As is the case in the 2nd District, when Democrat incumbent Elaine Luria is deep underwater, they’ve sent out fliers and run radio ads that appear to support the America First candidate in the race, but insiders say the fliers are truly designed to scare Democrats into crossing party lines, and voting for the GOP establishment, leaving the GOP with an unenthusiastic base come November’s midterm elections.

After Kerry Dougherty unsuccessfully asked Bell to “denounce” the fliers, with Dougherty going on to heavily defend Kiggans, co-host Mike Imprevento jumped in, asking Bell if he “believe[s] that Jen Kiggans is going to take our guns.”

“I believe that Jen Kiggans is going to, in her words, have the conversation about guns,” and if any Representative wants to have a conversation about the 2nd Amendment then yeah, I am fearful about that,” Bell said, amidst several interruptions from the hosts. “Shall not be infringed was placed into the Constitution by design,” Bell went on to say. “Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed.”

“Do you agree with the statement in the Free American PAC that [Jen Kiggans] is a left-wing radical,” Mike Imprevento went on to ask Bell, before immediately ending the interview when Bell gave him an answer and attempted to address Kiggans far-left voting record.

“She voted for all the left-wing bills that came in front of her…” Bell began saying, before being interrupted by Mike Impervento shouting “we gotta go,” ending the interview on the spot.

Listen to the full interview below:

— Frankie Stockes – Reporter (@stockes76) June 20, 2022

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