Audio: Ted Nugent Endorses Jarome Bell on The John Fredericks Show

Rock and roll legend Ted Nugent endorsed the congressional campaign of fellow America First conservative Jarome Bell in Virginia’s 2nd District during a live appearance on the John Fredericks Show. Nugent says that Bell, who has also been endorsed in recent days by Turning Point Action and is backed by Paul Gosar and General Flynn, is a real conservative who is prepared to bring law and order back to America and her borders.

Speaking with host John Fredericks on battleground mid-term races and the need to rid the GOP of “RINO” politicians, rock legend Ted Nugent turned his attention to Virginia’s 2nd District, where Democrat Elaine Luria is expected to be unseated in November, and affirmed his endorsement of retired Navy Chief turned America First congressional candidate Jarome Bell.

Bell, who spent 27 years in the service, is in a GOP primary fight against Jen Kiggans, a pro-trans Republican funded by establishment leaders Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik. Bell has devoted much of his campaign to exposing Kiggans’ leftist State Senate voting record, which includes forcing schools to adopt pro-trans bathroom and pronoun policies and even weakening Virginia’s election security and integrity.

“That’s right, Chief Bell is one of us,” Nugent told the host when asked about his support for the “MAGA Champion.” He’s a real conservative, he’s a fighter, and he’ll demand law and order,” Nugent said, blasting the sort of left-wing criminal justice policies that Kiggans has supported in the State Senate, making it harder to charge property crimes as felonies. “How about the condition of law and order, John? Are you kidding me!? It’s engineered recidivism. They’re literally intentionally unleashing the most dangerous, vicious, violent murderers and rapists, carjackers and child molesters, and home invaders. They’re letting them out! After they shoot people!”

Candidates like Chief Bell, Nugent went on, “See this self-inflicted curse on our society where law and order have been abandoned by these liberals and Marxists who think that the murderer gets a break but the victim’s family has to pay the price.”

In a recent appearance of her own on the John Fredericks Show, Bell’s opponent Jen Kiggans was mocked by the host for refusing to even utter the name of 45th President Trump as she refused back him for President in 2024 and danced around questions regarding her left-wing record. It wasn’t that first time that Kiggans publicly refused to back Trump though, as prior to that she was mocked on a different episode of the same show for her “consultant-driven” answers and devout support for Kevin McCarthy, who she says she’d back for Speaker of the House. In that appearance, Kiggans also refused to support President Trump.

In addition to Ted Nugent, Jarome Bell was endorsed in the 2nd District’s GOP Primary race this week by Turning Point Action, who declared their support for “MAGA Champion” Jarome Bell. At this point in the race, his endorsement list reads like a “who’s who” of America First conservatism and includes nods of approval from the likes of General Flynn, Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Paul Good, and Arizona audit champion, State Senator Wendy Rogers.

For her part, Kiggans has been endorsed by much of the GOP establishment, including her Republican predecessor Scott Taylor. Taylor briefly served as a GOP establishment Rep. before being bounced in 2018 by Democrat Elaine Luria and went on to lose to her again in 2020. Taylor’s support from conservatives crumbled after he appeared at a George Soros-sponsored “Global Citizen” festival in New York City and his campaign went on to become embroiled in an election fraud scandal that saw his staff members criminally convicted.

Scott Taylor was also accused of calling in a bomb threat to a border security advocacy group after they exposed his open borders voting record and now Kiggans says that she will use his twice-defeated old playbook to win in the 2nd District if she wins the GOP nomination to face off against Elaine Luria.

Listen to Nugent’s Interview Below:

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