AUDIO: Trump Debunks Lie That he ‘Stormed Out’ of Piers Morgan Interview

The office of former President Donald Trump has released audio that thoroughly debunks Piers Morgan’s claim that Trump “stormed out” of a recent interview between the two. Morgan had previously released a selectively edited trailer that appeared to show Trump walking out of the interview after being pressed on the 2020 election.

The audio, which was obtained by Breitbart News, proves that the interview between Trump and Morgan ended amicably. Trump did tell Morgan that he was “dishonest”, however, and that he “is not real.”

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Despite Trump bluntly telling Morgan how he felt, the interview continued for several minutes, contrary to what the edited clip insinuated. Piers Morgan, who won the inaugural Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, ended with a light-hearted golf question and said it was a “great interview.”

The two then thanked each other and calmly walked off the set. Members of Trump’s staff could be heard saying to turn the cameras and lights off at this time, which was later included in Morgan’s deceptively edited clip.

About a minute in, Taylor Budowich, who serves as Trump’s communications director, can be heard telling Morgan that they were “an hour in” and needed to wrap up the interview. Morgan then asked for a final question, which Trump’s team granted, only for him to ask at least four more questions.

“You’ve done last question four times now. I feel like you’re lying at this point,” Budowich can be heard telling Morgan around six minutes in. “Very deceptive,” said Trump in agreement before granting Piers Morgan a true final question about golf.

“This is a pathetic attempt to use President Trump as a way to revive the career of a failed television host,” Budowich told Breitbart News in response to Morgan’s dishonesty. “It is also another example of President Trump being right, as he told Piers Morgan that the host was dishonest to his face, and Piers, for the first time in his life, didn’t disappoint.”

Numerous mainstream media companies ran with the story on Wednesday, with multiple outlets running headlines that claimed Trump had a “meltdown” and “stormed out” of the interview after receiving tough questions. This was all based on a 30-second clip that spliced numerous portions of the interview together in order to make the chat seem more dramatic.

Morgan’s Trump interview is being used to promote the former’s new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, which is set to launch next week on Talk TV. Despite spending more than an hour with the former president, Morgan’s team has titled the segment “Morgan vs. Trump” and have continued to advance the lie that Trump responded to hard questions with hostility.

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