Blinken Fearmongers At The UN, Tries To Accuse Russians Of Planning A False Flag

The Joe Biden regime’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken fearmongered in his performance at the United Nations (UN) Security Council on Thursday, accusing the Russian government of Vladimir Putin of planning a false flag that Russians could use to attack Ukraine. Blinken seemed desperate to drum up support for a potential U.S. war against Russia. Globalists in Washington, D.C. have long desired a war against Putin, who is a major exporter of oil and natural gas and a supplier of energy to Europe. (RELATED: UKRAINE CORRUPTION: Obama, Biden, Soros, Schiff, Bolton, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Clinton).

“The stakes go far beyond Ukraine. This is a moment of peril for the lives and safety of millions of people, as well as for the foundation of the United Nations charter and the rules-based international order that preserves stability worldwide. This crisis directly affects every member of this Council, and every country in the world,” Blinken blustered while sitting in front of people wearing masks.

“Our information indicates clearly that these (Russian) forces, including ground troops, aircraft, ships, are preparing to launch an attack against Ukraine in the coming days. We don’t know precisely how things will play out. But here’s what the world can expect to see unfold. In fact, it’s unfolding right now. Today, as Russia takes steps down the path to war and re-issued the threat of military action. First, Russia plans to manufacture a pretext for its attack. This could be a violent event that Russia will blame on Ukraine, or an outrageous accusation that Russia will level against the Ukrainian government,” Blinken claimed.

Blinken’s fearmongering, clearly intended to pave the way for war, could go down as his “Colin Powell” moment if it is later found that Russia never intended to stage a false flag, or if any “false flag” blamed on Russia ends up being the handiwork of U.S. intelligence. The world is becoming more dangerous, indeed, under the reign of Joe Biden.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken:

– We do not see Russia drawing down forces
– Forces preparing to launch attack against Ukraine in coming days
– Russia plans to manufacture a pretext for its attack
– Russian pretext could include fake or real attack using chemical weapons

— TRT World Now (@TRTWorldNow) February 17, 2022