BREAKING: 8-Year-Old Waukesha Terror Attack Victim Jackson Sparks Dies From Injuries Sustained On Sunday

The deadly terror attack in Waukesha, Winsconsin on Sunday that was allegedly carried out by BLM activist rapper and admitted child sex trafficker Darrell Brooks has claimed its sixth victim, 8-year-old boy Jackson Sparks.

Jackson Sparks and his brother Tucker, 12, were both injured by the red Ford Escape that plowed its way through a holiday parade in Waukesha last Sunday evening. On Tuesday, the official GoFundMe page for the Tucker family’s medical expenses provided an update that read, “This afternoon, our dear Jackson has sadly succumbed to his injuries and passed away.”

“Please know that they appreciate your continued prayers and tremendous outpouring of support for their family,” the update continues. “They do however ask for privacy at this time to allow Tucker to continue to heal physically and their family to heal and mourn the tremendous loss of their sweet little boy who is now under the care of Jesus.”

Jackson Sparks is the sixth deceased victim to be identified in the terror attack, following Wilhelm Hospel, 81, Virginia Sorenson, 79, Leanna Owen, 71, Tamara Durand, 52, and Jane Kulich, 52.

As National File previously reported, the main suspect in the massacre is a BLM-supporting rapper who has admitted to previously being a child sex trafficker:

Black Lives Matter and black nationalism-supporting rapper Darrell “Mathboi Fly” Brooks, who has been charged with five counts of intentional homicide related to a vehicular mass murder in Wisconsin, admitted to child sex trafficking in a video from 2016 that was posted to social media.

“And then as soon as we fall out, all of a sudden I’m a pedophile now, let me explain that,” Brooks says in the footage. “Ten years ago, 2006, I caught a case with my oldest daughter’s momma, yes my baby momma. She’s from Oakland. I was bussin’ moves in Nevada.”

Brooks continues, “I met the bitch, she say she wanna get down, so I’m pimpin’ on the bitch, I take her to Nevada. You know what I’m sayin’? I get cracked. You know what I’m sayin,’ I didn’t know the bitch was 16 at the time. She gave a statement to the police and told them, yeah she was hoein’ and that I was pimpin’ and, and uh that she was 16 and that I didn’t know that, mkay?”

Brooks was out on bail after he was previously arrested and charged with allegedly running over a woman with his vehicle. His prior bail was $1,000.

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