CCP-Linked Think Tank Connected To Mark Meadows, Epstein’s Brother Claims To Have ‘Research Centers’ In USA

The Taihe Institute, a Beijing-headquartered think tank headed by several Chinese Communist Party, People’s Liberation Army, and globalist officials, claims to have “research centers” operating within the United States. The group is tied to Mark Meadows via the Humpty Dumpty Institute, which Mark Meadows has advised for years.

National File previously uncovered the Humpty Dumpty Institute, a group once headed by the brother of Jeffrey Epstein with serious connections multiple Democrats, globalists, former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and a Beijing-headquartered think tank known as the Taihe Institute.

National File has discovered that the Taihe Institute claims to have “research centers” operating within the United States, according to their website. For purposes of transparency, National File has preserved the webpage stating these claims through an internet archive.

The Taihe Institute claims to have “research centers” operating in the United States.

“What could perhaps be the most unreported and concerning aspect of the HDI would be the strong links to their Beijing-headquartered partner, the Taihe Institute, a think tank whose key figures include multiple high-level Chinese Communist Party members, globalist elites and transhumanist corporate technocrats,” National File previously reported.

Upon discovering National File’s explosive report on the Humpty Dumpty Institute, Radio host Stew Peters described the HDI as “a threat to US national security because of its clear ties to the Chinese Communist Party” through its close relationship with the CCP-affiliated Taihe Institute, slamming former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for being on the HDI advisory board from 2013 to as recently as 2019.

“The HDI is astoundingly cozy with a quote ‘institute’ known as Taihe Institute. The Taihe Institute is headquartered in Beijing and is led by several high-level CCP members, globalist elites, transhumanist corporate technocrats from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and even top-level Chinese Military, PLA officials,” Peters said.

“The Mark Meadows-advised HDI is so cozy with the Chinese Communist Party operation that senior members even travel to Beijing every year to participate in what they call ‘Taihe Civilizations Forums’ where the organizations openly discuss globalist Chinese communism, all the while flirting with transhumanist ideology,” Peters continued.

Some Taihe Institute Senior Fellows include the following:

Former Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Commissar and Major General Lei Zhitian, Former CPPCC National Committee member Gu Boping, former World Military and China Army Editor-in-Chief Chen Hu, World Economic Forum (WEF) Associate Director Thorsten Jelinek, PLA Air Force (PLAAF) Group Captain Wang Haili, Graduate School at National Defence University of People’s Liberation Army Associate Dean Quan Yong, China Research Society of Sun Tzu’s Art of War Executive Director Xue Guoan, 12th CPPCC National Committee member Yu Hongjun, Former Xinhua North America Regional Bureau Director Zeng Hu, Perfect World Group Founder and Chairman Chi Yufeng, and Cyberspace Administration of China Vice Director (CAC) Peng Bo.

Top row from left to right: Lei Zhitian, Gu Boping, Chen Hu, Thorsten Jelinek, Wang Haili, Quan Yong Bottom row from left to right: Xue Guoan, Yu Hongjun, Zeng Hu, Chi Yufeng, Peng Bo

National File previously noted that the individuals with significant rank in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are present in the Taihe Institute’s leadership. The PLA is the military force for the People’s Republic of China, but it ultimately answers directly to the Chinese Communist Party, also serving as the armed wing of the CCP. The People’s Liberation Army is the largest military in the world.

Zhitian, a former Major General in the PLA, is a Taihe Institute Senior Fellow. While not much is known about Zhitian, his former role as a PLA Commissar suggests that he was tasked with bolstering the absolute leadership of the CCP over the Chinese armed forces, ensuring that the military branch organizations were in line with the party.

Haili, a prominent People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Group Captain, worked in the Harbin Flight Academy and the PLAAF Command College and served as an instructor and headed the teaching and research section of the PLAAFCC, according to the Taihe Institute website, which celebrated his joining of the institute by holding a ceremony in which photographs were taken behind CCP flags and alongside multiple party members. The institute noted that Haili would “strengthen” their research capacity “in the fields of ‘national security and military strategy.’”

Wang Haili is ceremoniously welcomed into the Taihe Institute

Wang Haili (center right) alongside Taihe Institute members in between two Chinese Communist flags

Boping, a frequently photographed Senior Fellow at the institute, was a former member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the political advisory body of the PRC and a central player of the CCP’s Front System.

The body consists of CCP delegates, loyal CCP political parties, nominally independent members, and what could be front organizations.

Gu Boping (right) ceremoniously celebrated by the Taihe Institute in July 2018

Jelinek, another notable Senior Fellow at the Taihe Institute, is an Associate Director of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF, headed by Klaus Schwab, is best known for leading the effort into a global dystopian mega-corporate future dubbed the “Great Reset” by many.

Jelinek appears to be an avid supporter of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. He attended Beijing’s BRF in 2019 and took photographs smiling in front of Chinese President Xi Jinping and WEF Founder Klaus Schwab. Jelinek seems to be deeply involved in Chinese relations, who also appears to have an interest in transhumanist ideology.

Thorsten Jelinek smiles for the cameras as Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at the 2019 Belt and Road Initiative

In February, Jelinek tweeted a bizarre statement in which he said “It is not #5G, #IOT, #ArtificialIntelligence but human behavior that perpetuates the current downward spiral of history,” adding that in order to “change #technology we must change humanity.” In the tweet, Jelinek included a strange photo of a digitized human face with what appears to be a circuit board or a microchip where the brain would otherwise be located.

Read the groundbreaking National File report on Mark Meadows and the Humpty Dumpty Institute: Mark Meadows Advised Democrat-Allied, CCP-Tied Non Profit Once Run By Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother

HDI Advisory Board member Mark Meadows and his wife Debbie Meadows alongside HDI Chairman Al Khalafalla, who attended a military-style ceremony with CCP officials before a statue of Chinese Dictator Mao Zedong


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