Child Sex Abuse Center Hires Academic Who Wants to ‘Destigmatize’ Pedophilia

Johns Hopkins University has hired a female-to-male transgender academic who has called for pedophilia to be “destigmatized.” Despite her comments, Walker has been granted a new position at the Johns Hopkins’ Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

Last November, Walker sparked outrage after suggesting that child predators be referred to as “minor attracted people” or MAP instead of “pedophiles.” Walker argued that such language would “lessen the stigma.”

Walker also published a book titled “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit Of Dignity” which “challenges widespread assumptions” that so-called MAPs are “predators” and “sex offenders.”

In addition, Walker once said that “people can be attracted to children without acting on that impulse.” The Johns Hopkins professor has long argued that pedophilia occurs naturally and that child predators should ne be labeled “immoral.”

More than 15,000 people had signed a petition calling on Walker’s now-former employer, Old Dominion University, to terminate her contract. Old Dominion initially backed Walker during the controversy, but eventually put them on administrative leave. Walker ended up agreeing to resign earlier this month, according to The College Fix.

Despite her termination from Old Dominion, Johns Hopkins has now granted the pro-pedophilia professor a postdoctoral fellowship at the Johns Hopkins’ Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. The center said on Thursday it is “excited” to have Walker on board beginning May 25, according to a report from The Daily Mail. 

According to its website, the Moore Center is a “research center that creates, through rigorous science, a public health approach to preventing child sexual abuse.”

Walker had previously claimed that she is a victim whose research had been taken “out of context.” After leaving Old Dominion, Walker presented herself as the victim of a “smear campaign” due to her transgender identification.

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