Chile’s Socialist President Calls for ‘Total Ban on Gun Ownership’

Chile’s Socialist President, Gabriel Boric, is calling for a “total ban on gun ownership” and is rolling out a new “national security plan” that includes beefing up the country’s uniformed police, the Carabinieri Corps, in preparation for gun control and confiscation operations.

Gabriel Boric, the 35-year-old Socialist tied to Justin Trudeau who was sworn in as President of Chile in March after winning a December run-off election, has dubbed his gun control push the “Less Guns, More Security Program.” Chile already boasts one of Latin America’s lowest rates of gun-related crime, as well as violent crime in general,  but those on the country’s political left have still moved in unison with others around the globe to disarm its population.

On May 31st, just days after Canada’s left-wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a ban on handguns, the Canadian government announced the scheduling of a June 6th meeting between Boric and Trudeau, noting that the two have a lot in common, and a lot to discuss as they “strengthen” their “collaboration.”

Two days after the meeting was announced, Boric gave his plans to seize firearms from the Chilean people to the nation’s Congress.

“Armed violence will not be tolerated in our country, and that is why our Less Arms, More Security Program proposes the radical limitation of their legal access,” Boric told legislators, asking them for their “support to pass a law that allows us to move towards a total ban on the possession of weapons.”

In Chile, firearm ownership is legally permitted for most law-abiding citizens over the age of 18, but the nation’s constitution doesn’t address the matter, leaving Chilean gun owners at the mercy of their leaders’ political whims. Included in Boric’s gun control plans is reportedly a partial reform of the nation’s uniformed police force, the Carabinieri Corps, expanding their authority on guns and dedicating more resources to their “inspections” – also known as searches – of the Chilean citizens and their properties.

Though his election to the presidency at just 35 years of age was widely celebrated by the Latin American and global left, Boric’s approval ratings have rapidly dropped since taking office less than 3 months ago.

NEW – Chile’s new socialist president Gabriel Boric vows “armed violence will not be tolerated” and calls for a “total ban on gun ownership”.

— (@disclosetv) June 2, 2022

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