Covfefe Coffee Donates to Legal Defense for Kyle Rittenhouse, Urges Conservative Companies to Do the Same

Covfefe Coffee, the America First coffee brand, has donated to the defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse, encouraging other conservative businesses to follow their lead.

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who allegedly shot three antifa rioters in Kenosha last year, is currently standing trial for murder. Many conservatives and supporters of America First who believe Rittenhouse to be innocent, have donated to his legal defense fund, and now, Covfefe Coffee, the pro-Trump coffee company, have now made “the largest donation in [their] company’s history” to the fund.

In a statement, Covfefe Coffee declared that because they have the support of their “beloved Deplorables,” they as a company have been “so proud to financially contribute to several organizations” that have helped push forward some of the more recent wins of the America First movement, such as the pushes for election integrity and the fight against “anti-white” school curricula.

The company, whose sales skyrocketed by nearly 8000% earlier this year after they were cancelled by Chase Bank, said that the America First movement is now “creating an ecosystem that has real power and is getting results,” and that they shouldn’t waste that momentum to ensure wins both politically and culturally.

The “parallel economy and parallel culture,” as touted by Gab’s Andrew Torba and others, “have to replace the System where the current VP, the ‘judicial system,’ and a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream can bailout billion-dollar violent criminals.”

“Not only does Kyle deserve a normal and happy life, but our gun rights depend on this case as well. The NWO needs their boogeyman to wage their next assault on Americans and have a rigged system in their favor to get it done,” Covfefe Coffee continued in their statement, encouraging everyone to donate to the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund to “help give Kyle a fighting chance to enjoy Christmas a free American.”

Earlier this year, the defense fund hosted by Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo was targeted by leftist hackers, leading to a Virginia police officer being fired as a result for his donation. An investigation was also opened by a Utah fire department after one of their paramedics also allegedly donated to the site. People can now donate directly to the defense fund via PayPal or cryptocurrency.

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