Crazed ‘Karen’ Reportedly In Custody After Attacking Elderly Man For Eating While Unmasked On Delta Flight

An angry liberal woman has been arrested by Atlanta police after being seen on video harassing , striking, spitting on, and scratching an elderly man on a Delta Airlines flight for reportedly lowering his mask to eat on the flight.

The “Karen,” identified as Patricia Cornwall, was unmasked throughout the entire encounter, with the face covering hanging below her chin while she repeatedly screamed, “Put your mask on!”

In video footage that went viral on Dec. 23, the woman can be seen repeatedly screaming at the mask to “put your mask on,” prompting him to call her a “Karen” in return.

Seemingly shocked that her demands go unheeded, the emotional passenger then begins struggling with Delta employees and trying to order them to force them to mask the male passenger.

As previously mentioned, she herself remains unmasked throughout the video.

Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta got

— ATL Uncensored | Atlanta News (@ATLUncensored) December 25, 2021

Eventually, another shrill scream to “Put your mask on” prompts the man to snap back, “You mask up, b**ch.” The “Karen” then strikes him in the face, spits on him, and leaves him with a bloody scratch mark on his cheek before being pulled off, while continuing to fight with Delta employees.

In a statement released on Dec. 25, the Atlanta Police Department said, “On December 23, 2021, Atlanta Police responded to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in reference to a disturbance call involving an unruly passenger on a Delta flight from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. (Delta flight #2790.) Upon arrival, officers met with Delta employees at gate A11 to await the arrival of the flight”

“When the aircraft arrived at the gate, officers were able to meet with exiting passengers who advised that the suspect, Ms. Patricia Cornwall had caused a disturbance while in the air,” the press release continued. “This disturbance lead to the injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees.”

“Based on the statements gathered and visible evidence, officers detained Ms. Cornwall and contacted the on-call FBI agent,” police stated. “The officers then relocated with Ms. Cornwall to the domestic Atlanta Police precinct where FBI agents responded and took custody of Ms. Cornwall. Nothing further to report at this time.”

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