Democrats Plan to Double Down on Critical Race Theory, Calling Parents Racist for 2022 Elections – Report

A report suggests that Democrats will double down on defending Critical Race Theory for the 2022 midterm elections, news many Republicans have celebrated.

The report from Insider has claimed that Democrats are preparing to get “aggressive” in defending Critical Race Theory from attacks by concerned parents and conservatives. Jesse Ferguson, a Democratic strategist, said that they party needs to make their case “relentlessly” and challenge Republican narratives on the issue.

“Voters run from the Republicans when Democrats peel back the onion on what these claims really mean,” Ferguson said. “It’s not just that Republicans want a bigger role for parents in education, it’s that Republicans are willing to let white supremacists write curricula,” he continued, claiming that Republican plans to tackle the anti-white policy would “put politicians in charge of the classroom and white supremacists in charge of the curriculum.”

Many of the Democrats quoted in the article were seemingly under the impression that Republican plans would result in the censorship of teaching history. Representative Sean Maloney of New York, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told The Washington Post that Democrats have “learned from the lies and distortions of the last election.”

In the midterms, Democrats will argue that “children need to learn their history — all of it — without censorship or politics limiting what they can learn.”

Such accusations are completely unfounded, with anti-Critical Race Theory legislation passed by Republicans already proving that. In New Hampshire, teachers are prevented from teaching that groups are superior or inferior to others, that anyone is inherently oppressive, among other concepts.

The bill, however, makes it clear that the discussion of “the historical existence of ideas and subjects identified” was not banned, as long as it was “part of a larger course of academic instruction.”

Unsurprisingly, many conservative commentators were thrilled that Democrats would double down on the defence of Critical Race Theory, when doing so had just recently lost them the Virginia Governor’s race. With Virginia voters, who named education as their number one priority, a 33 point lead in the opinion polls for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in September transferred to a 9 point lead for Republican Glenn Youngkin in the last days of the race, after McAuliffe told concerned parents flat out that they should have no input into the education of the children.

*Virginia swings 12 points to the GOP from 2020-2021*

Democratic Strategists: “What if… and hear me out on this one… we keep calling parents white supremacists?”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) November 16, 2021

“Vote for us, you racists! We own your kids!” – Democrat platform 2022

— Christina Pushaw (@ChristinaPushaw) November 16, 2021

If the GOP penetrated the DNC at a high level with secret agents and provocateurs, what exactly would they do differently?

— John Schindler (@20committee) November 16, 2021

Some were quick to highlight that Democrats and leftists keep switching between claiming that Critical Race Theory was not being taught in schools at all, and that anyone daring to stop the teaching of it was a racist, white supremacist, bigot.

From “it isn’t even real” straight to “how dare you try to stop us from doing it” in one week flat.

— Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) November 17, 2021

Wait! @CNN @MSNBC told us CRT isn’t real, it’s just a theory in some college classroom. Why would a Texas teacher threaten armed violence to defend it and why would Dems says Republicans are stopping it. It’s doesn’t exist right? Stupid Liberals!

— Mark (@markmobile2008) November 17, 2021

Others argued that Democrats were being pretty “aggressive” on defending the anti-white practices to begin with, noting that the FBI had been targeting parents who protested against the policy at school board meetings with counterterrorism tools, as a whistleblower revealed on Monday.

“The Democrats won’t rest until the CIA can hold the average parent in a a black site,” Auron MacIntyre quipped.

As if Democrats weren’t already being aggressive on critical race theory already??

— John Cooper (@thejcoop) November 16, 2021

The Democrats won’t rest until the CIA can hold the average parent in a black site

Not really joking about that

— Auron MacIntyre (@AuronMacintyre) November 17, 2021

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