DeSantis Signs Parental Rights Bill, Slams Disney

The much-discussed HB1557, also known as the Parental Rights in Education Bill that went through the Florida State Legislature, was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday. The bill has been the subject of derision by the corporate media, left-wing activists, Democratic politicians, and Disney. Critics have repeatedly and deceptively called it the “Don’t say gay” bill.

DeSantis held a press conference following the signing of the bill into law. As has been his style, the Florida governor stood firmly and did not hold back. He fired back at his detractors in Hollywood, who criticized the bill at the Oscars. He also made it clear that he would not be pressured by the media or big corporations.

Gov. DeSantis says that Florida will not compromise on the rights of parents:

“I don’t care what corporate media outlets say, I don’t care what Hollywood says, I don’t care what big corporations say. Here I stand. I’m not backing down.”

— American Principles (@approject) March 28, 2022

DeSantis absolutely drops the hammer on Hollywood for their criticisms of Florida at the Oscars last night:

“If the people who held up degenerates like Harvey Weinstein as heroes are opposing us on parents right, I wear that like a badge of honor.”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) March 28, 2022

During the conference, a Florida parent named January Littlejohn spoke about how her daughter’s school went behind her back to create a “transgender-gender nonconforming support plan” with her daughter. The support plan was a six-page document allegedly devised during a closed-door meeting between her daughter, the school’s assistant principal, guidance counselor, and a social worker. During the meeting, the daughter was allegedly asked “which restrooms she preferred to use, and which sex she preferred to room with on overnight field trips.”

The plan also was allegedly to be concealed from the parents. Ms. Littlejohn said she felt that “a huge wedge” was created between her and her daughter “because it sent the message that she needed to be protected from us, not by us”.

The bill I signed today protects Florida parents like January Littlejohn. School officials manipulated her daughter to “transition,” calling her a male name & pronouns without January’s knowledge or consent. This is wrong & today’s legislation will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) March 28, 2022

Oddly enough, one of the entities that opposed DeSantis and Florida Republicans most fiercely on this bill was none other than the Walt Disney Company. Before DeSantis signed the bill, Disney had been lobbying against it. Immediately after DeSantis signed the bill, Disney released a statement of condemnation.

Statement from The Walt Disney Company on signing of Florida legislation:

— Walt Disney Company (@WaltDisneyCo) March 28, 2022

Before the signing, Disney CEO Bob Chapek reportedly met with DeSantis, urging him not to sign the legislation. This discussion was allegedly prompted by a group of progressive Disney employees staging a “walkout” to protest the bill. Some on the left, including some Disney employees were unhappy that Disney didn’t initially take a public stand against the legislation. After being pressured by left-wing employees and activists, Chapek pledged to donate $5 million to Human Rights Campaign, a LGBTQ lobbying organization.

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