Dutch Police Fire Live Rounds at Peaceful Protesters

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Dutch police fired live rounds at a tractor during a night of farm protests. Farmers have used tractors and other farm vehicles to block highways and government buildings in protest of the government’s new climate change measures that would put an end to modern farming and cost them their jobs.

A video that is widely circulated on social media shows a tractor driving away before a Dutch police officer opens fire with his service pistol. At least one bullet was ultimately found wedged between the vehicle’s doors.

Police in northern Friesland said Wednesday that no one was hurt and described the discharge as “warning shots.” Police have claimed that the tractor was attempting to crash into police officers and vehicles.

An investigation is now underway.

The Dutch police have fired shots at completely peaceful and unarmed farmers. This is why you don’t give up your guns; unarmed people don’t stand a change against tyranny. pic.twitter.com/K1UN5J1U0c

— Eva Vlaardingerbroek (@EvaVlaar) July 6, 2022

Dutch farmers have been protesting new government regulations aimed at slashing carbon emissions. On June 10, the Dutch Minister for Nitrogen and Nature Policy, Christianne van der Wal, announced the new policies. The plan calls upon each Dutch Province to implement emission reduction measures to reduce nitrogen emissions between 12 and 70 percent, depending on the area.

Each of the 12 Dutch provinces will be required to come up with a strategy so that the nation can reach its goal of slashing emissions by 40 percent by 2030. It is estimated that farmers will be forced to reduce the number of cattle they manage by at least 30 percent. The government also plans to buy up farms whose emissions rates are deemed too high.

The Netherlands sits behind the United States as the second largest agricultural exporter in the world. According to the country’s agricultural ministry, the Netherlands exported a total of €94.5 in agricultural goods in 2019.

The national plan, which is officially titled “Starting Memorandum National Program for Rural Areas,” will have its biggest impact on the agricultural sector. “There is not a future for all farmers within this approach,” the government admitted.

In response to the measures that would destroy their livelihoods, Dutch farmers have taken a page out of the Canadian Freedom Convoy’s strategy and have blocked roads, access to the homes of politicians and food distribution centers.

In response, police have deployed tear gas and have now used live ammunition.

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