Elaine Luria Cites 1/6 Committee Work, Stopping America First Jarome Bell In Re-Election Bid For District She No Longer Lives In

House Democrat Elaine Luria cited her work on Nancy Pelosi’s 1/6 Committee and her desire to keep America First conservative Jarome Bell out of Congress in announcing her re-election bid for Virginia’s 2nd District, where she doesn’t even live after the state’s recent round of redistricting.

Luria officially announced her bid for a 3rd term at 1:46 PM on January 6th, exactly one year from the time she says she was evacuated from the Capitol building as police clashed with anti-election fraud demonstrators resulting in the shooting death of unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt. Luria says that the events of January 6th and her current role on Nancy Pelosi’s 1/6 Committee, dubbed a witch hunt by a wide-ranging chorus of observers, are among the driving forces behind her bid for re-election.

Luria claimed in a statement that she will continue to aggressively pursue the events of January 6th to “uphold democracy and the rule of law,” while making no mention of the Black Lives Matter riots she condoned over the summer of 2020, as dozens of Americans were killed dead in the streets by Democrat voters. She even continued to perpetuate the Democrat’s January 6th pipe bomb narrative, in which they claim that pipe bombs were planted around the Capitol grounds by a Trump-supporting “domestic terrorist,” though no suspect in the case has even been identified.


— Elaine Luria (@ElaineLuriaVA) January 6, 2022

In a fawning profile written by The Washinton Post on her re-election campaign, Luria doubled down on the 1/6 committee as a driving force behind her campaign. “It’s a very big responsibility and a very big responsibility for our democracy,” Luria said of her work on the committee, which has yet to uncover any evidence of a conspiracy to stage an insurrection at the Capitol and has refused to investigate several FBI and federal law enforcement assets identified at the Capitol on January 6th who are accused of acting as agent provocateurs.

Despite no longer living in the 2nd District she represents after Virginia’s recent round of Congressional redistricting, Luria says that in addition to continuing her work with Nancy Pelosi on the 1/6 committee, her personal desire to keep America First conservative and election integrity advocate Jarome Bell out of Congress is calling her to run again.

Hailing her own work on the 1/6 committee as “incredibly important,” Luria says that “we can’t allow” those who support election integrity, or as she puts it, “would not uphold the rule of law” to “take over Congress in the future.”

“I do feel a responsibility to make sure someone like [Jarome Bell] cannot represent this or any district in Congress. I cannot overemphasize how extreme his views are,” Luria said of Jarome Bell and his election integrity advocacy, according to The Washington Post.

Bell has been a leading voice for election integrity since the demonstrable fraud of 2020 unfolded, calling for nationwide forensic audits and the arrest of fraudsters on death penalty charges of treason. As a candidate in the GOP primary to take on Luria, Bell has earned the endorsements of General Michael Flynn and Representative Paul Gosar, as well as Arizona Audit champion Senator Wendy Rogers.

Bell has been a frequent target of big tech censorship, being banned from Twitter at the behest of corporate media and repeatedly censored by Facebook, where Luria owns millions of dollars worth of stock, for his efforts in favor of election integrity. Bell has even filed a lawsuit against Facebook for electioneering and anti-Christian discrimination; a lawsuit which legal experts say has standing and could be a landmark case in the fight against big tech tyranny.

As previously reported by National File, in addition to Facebook, Elaine Luria owns millions of dollars worth of stock in the Communist Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba, which is directly tied to the Chinese Communist Party and boasts several senior communist officials on its boards and corporate bodies.


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