EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Jim Jordan Blocks Stew Peters’ Number, Backs Out Of Show Appearance

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan refuses to go on The Stew Peters Show, even going so far as to block the America First radio hosts phone number to avoid making an appearance.

National File has just learned that Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) refused to make an appearance on The Stew Peters Show and even blocked Peters’ phone number.

We asked Peters why the Congressman blocked him, and what the discussion would have been about, had Jordan not backed out of it.

Peters explained that he wanted to talk about the 2020 Presidential Election, which a significant number of Republicans believe was rife with corruption, voter fraud, and election discrepancies.

“The election was stolen, not ‘questionable.’ There isn’t ‘suspected fraud,’ it’s confirmed,” Peters exclusively told National File.

Peters wondered why politicians such as Congressman Jordan have refused to talk about the election, which he described as the real “insurrection,” and instead talk about the events of January 6.

“Why are we talking about January 6, not the REAL insurrection?” he said. “Feeding into the mainstream media and Democrat narrative, allowing both to distract from our completely hijacked political system.”

Peters told National File that he wanted to ask Jordan about the controversial COVID-19 vaccine injections, which do not prevent individuals from being infected with or spreading coronavirus and have been linked to adverse reactions.

“The so-called ‘vaccines’ have killed almost three times as many people as every other vaccine combined. Congress gave [vaccine manufacturers] blanket immunity, and unprecedented numbers of people are injured or dead,” Peters explained. “Why hasn’t Congress called for an IMMEDIATE FULL STOP to this injection?”

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Peters than provided National File with a question for Jordan, since the Congressman refused to go on his show and blocked his number.

“As a matter of fact, why haven’t you felt it important to even so much as MENTION the poisonous injections?” Peters asked.

In response to Jordan blocking Peters’ number, the America First radio host issued a statement sent exclusively to National File:

“We are living in dangerous times. Our entire political system was hijacked in a blatantly obvious fraudulent election, citizens of the United States of America are being held as Prisoners of War because they object to the certification of that election, and dangerous and deadly shots are being forced on the American populous.

Meanwhile, our elected representatives are happy to treat politics like Hollywood while they embrace their celebrity on dishonest and fake networks like Fox, but refuse to answer real questions in an honest forum like ‘The Stew Peters Show,’  about the most critical issues facing our Republic as communists run roughshod on this country.

They’re weak, and it’s sad.

Jim Jordan doesn’t want to do my show because he knows I’ll ask him real questions, as opposed to allowing him to pacify his brainwashed base with pre-scripted taking points.

I’m sick of these Hollywood politicians pretending to fight while they feed the globalist beast system.

Their cowardice is killing the America First agenda.”

The conservative radio host went further, slamming Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Jordan, and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on his Telegram account.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz have all refused to answer repeated requests to appear on ‘The Stew Peters Show.’ These are supposed ‘firebrand politicians’ in the Freedom Caucus. Why do you think that might be?” Peters wrote.

However, the popular radio host praised Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) for being a “REAL America First PATRIOT,” adding that Rep. Gosar “IS the Freedom Caucus.”

“Mark my words, they’ll try to expel him from Congress, and Kevin McCarthy will silently lead those efforts,” he said. “Screenshot this post.”

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