Exclusive: Ethan Ralph Responds To Getting Swatted In Front of the Supreme Court

Ethan Ralph, popular host of the late-night talk show The Killstream, was swatted in front of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and police in Washington, D.C. detained him for more than an hour. Ralph, who has recently been swatted multiple times, told NATIONAL FILE that “I should have been released much sooner.”

“I was on the scene to cover some of the pro-abortion protests yesterday in front of the Supreme Court when the police plucked me out of the crowd and detained me for well over an hour. The was the result of a fake bomb report, which also led to them staking out my vehicle a couple blocks away. The whole thing was preposterous, of course, which quickly became clear. But there were a couple things that stood out to me,” Ethan Ralph told NATIONAL FILE. HERE IS FOOTAGE OF THE BRUTAL SWATTING OF ETHAN RALPH.

“One, was that they specifically asked me if I attended the January 6th protests, which I had not. I found that to be extremely curious. Also, the length of the detention was insane and I feel like they could have let me go a lot sooner. I can’t say I was harmed in any way beyond inconvenience, but I’m a well known person and was performing media duties. I should have been released much sooner. They wouldn’t have gotten away with treating mainstream media vipers in that manner,” Ethan Ralph said.

“They did seem to be interested in whoever filed the false report, at least. So, I’m hoping something comes of that. It really is a very dangerous thing that’s been happening to people in my sector, but this time I just happened to be out in public,” Ethan Ralph said.

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