EXCLUSIVE: Former Staffers Say RINO Colorado GOP Is In Big Trouble For Allegedly Stealing Money During 2020 Election

The Colorado state Republican Party is being investigated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for allegedly funneling “missing” money to “illegitimate” consultants and engaging in other brazen shenanigans in the 2020 election instead of helping President Donald Trump’s campaign, according to multiple former employees of the state party.

The Colorado GOP is largely worthless at fighting the Left. The state party proved unwilling to fight for an audit and election decertification in 2020 after Joe Biden claimed the state’s Electoral College votes. But state party bigwigs allegedly found the willpower to steal money from people who actually want the Republican Party to help the country in some way. An ex-Colorado Republican Committee staffer said that the FEC investigation is predicated on alleged fund misappropriation.

“There are employees that don’t exist on payroll and consulting firms that received thousands each month that are illegitimate. A lot of money went missing and it’s all on the FEC filings,” a former Colorado Republican Committee staffer said in a statement obtained by NATIONAL FILE. 

Apparently the FEC issued subpoenas around the summer of 2021 and found some of the alleged wrongdoing. Former Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call was recently disbarred for allegedly lining his pockets with almost $280,0000 in funds from a super PAC called Rebuilding America Now, which was intended to help President Donald Trump win the election. Call was serving as treasurer of that super PAC.

“An additional former employee declined to comment but confirmed the authenticity of the investigation,” a separate source told NATIONAL FILE.

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