EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Told Joe To Run For President In Fiery Text Exchange Seeking ‘Chance At Redemption’

In an erratic text message exchange with father Joe Biden on February 24, 2019, Hunter Biden told his father that if he did not run for President of the United States in 2020, then Hunter would “never have a chance at redemption” from his self-described reputation as “a f**ked up addict that cant be” trusted.

National File has obtained over 800 pages of text messages sent or received by Hunter Biden in 2018 and 2019. The text messages were retrieved from the infamous laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer store that was eventually delivered to the New York Post. In this article and in future coverage of the Hunter Biden text messages, National File has preserved typos and other original language from the text messages to preserve authenticity. National File has retracted and will retract sensitive information as necessary.

In the early morning of February 24, 2019 Joe Biden texted Hunter “Good Morning my beautiful son I miss you and love you Dad.” While Hunter was separated from his family for several months, Joe Biden frequently sent similar texts that went unanswered.

Hunter replied with over 20 messages, complaining to his father about his complicated relationships with his ex-wife Kathleen and his lover Haille, Beau Biden’s widowed wife. Primarily, Hunter blamed his father for a New York Times article highlighting his drug use and failed relationships.

“Well dad I guess you were right if I just didn’t say anything or show how Kathleen was a f**king greedy lascivious scorned loiart or make Clearing that I never was with hallie until a year after beau or any of that it would all just go away like the genius Kate and the rest said it would,” Hunter wrote to Joe Biden in a text message that day. “Oh …good morning …from f**king rehab,” Hunter wrote to his father in the next.

Hunter complained further, pointing to an article by the New York Times reporter Maureen Dowd titled Uncle Joe’s Family Web, which suggested that Joe Biden’s then-hypothetical presidential campaign would be negatively impacted by Hunter’s reported affair with Haille, use of illicit drugs, involvement with prostitutes, visits to strip clubs, and then-crumbling marriage with his ex-wife Kathleen.

“I haven’t spoken to her in two weeks,” Hunter said in his third text. Referring to Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, Hunter wrote, “I haven’t asked for a thing from anyone. Maureen Dowd points to me as the reason you’ll most likely loose it?” He added, “The troubled hunter,” and complained that “This isn’t just Kathleen.” Hunter directly accused his father’s staff of framing him negatively in the New York Times article. “This nis your staff,” he wrote.

“I haven’t been in the vicinity of a single f**king person in that circle in over two years,” he told his father. “Every bit of information they use against me is coming from ‘all the people that love me,’” he continued. “Jesus Christ,” read the eleventh text message sent in the short span of time. “Don you not see what just happened,” he said in another.

Then, Hunter blamed Joe Biden’s “team” for seemingly tarnishing his public image, making the situation seem like Joe had failed to fix Hunter’s problems. “Your team just made me the uncontrollable troubled tax cheat philanderer sex and drug addict that you tried so hard to fix but couldn’t yt,” he wrote.

“They just totally wrote my life away,” Hunter complained. “And if you try and say otherwise ill have a hard time understanding hownyou rationalize this shit,” said Hunter. “For f**ks sake hallie for the first time I. 17 days talks to me to say im an embarrassment,” he said.

“To MY family,” Hunter went on. “You think she doesnt feel comfortabl;e saying that knowing there is no price to pay.”

Towards the end of the exchange, Hunter accused Joe Biden of pointing out that he was a “f**ked up addict” that couldn’t be trusted.

“No one pays any price,” Hunter said. “Well dad the truth is as you and hallie point out – I am a f**ked up addict that cant be truseted,” he continued.

“Trusted relied upon nor defended,” Hunter told Joe Biden.

A few hours later, at 11:19 a.m., Hunter sent another text message to Joe Biden claiming that if his father did not run for President in 2020, then Hunter would not have a chance at redemption. “If you dont run ill never have a chance at redemption,” he informed his father.

After the multitude of text messages sent to him, Joe Biden responded affirming that he would run for President. “I’ll run but I need you,” Joe told Hunter.

“H is wrong,” Joe Biden wrote, referring to Hallie Biden. “Only focus is recovery Nothing else Your girls are so smart truly amazing Very focused Naomi very upset with K When you can and feel like it call Positive my text etc a target Love”

National File has over 800 pages of previously unreleased Hunter Biden text messages and intends to publish more in the coming days. National File confirmed the authenticity of the text messages using multiple methods and with assistance from the Marco Polo research group.

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